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The future of Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyle Properties in Southern Africa depends largely on supply and demand. Pambele Investments is your key to success; focusing on location, planning, management, infrastructure, service excellence and community development!

With over fifty years of experience in Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyle Property, we are suitably positioned to administer, manage and maintain our Clients investments on a day to day basis. Our specialist executive administration & management service is never standard and is tailored to be consistent with the specific needs or objectives of our Client. These services include, but are not limited to:


Accounts Management

The team’s experience in budget planning & management controls will ensure that our investors are always aware of where funds need to be allocated and that these funds are managed in such a way as to maintain and/or add to the value of the investment. Professional management accounts and reports will be timeously and accurately provided, allowing investors constant insight into the value and growth of their investment. Performance trend reporting is another way in which we keep our investors informed so that they are able to base decisions on accurate and well-researched information when it comes to managing their investments from afar.


Administration Management

Administration of insurances, levies, permits and licences will be carried out within the ambit of the specific legal requirements of the applicable region. As legal compliance is relative to the region in many cases, we have specialists per region to ensure thorough compliance is assured. Our team is cognisant of the varying and often drastically different legal practices from region to region within South Africa and will act accordingly to ensure the integrity of these investments. Neighbour, community and government relations management is another factor critical to ensuring the integrity of your investment and is at the core of our interaction between investors and both direct and indirect stakeholders.


Property Management

Property and conservation management is tightly controlled and conforms to all relevant standards both regional and International. Maintenance is critical to securing the value of any investment and our team of specialist contractors are hand-picked and managed to ensure that cost-effective, quality workmanship and due care is taken at all times to preserve and enhance the value of your investment.


Human Resource Management

With a sound knowledge of regional human and industrial relations legislation, our team is able to facilitate all aspects of employee management resulting in the mutual satisfaction of both our investors and the relevant employees. With access to professionals groomed in in-house staff training and relief management, assurance is given that in-house staff and relief management are adequately trained to perform all required tasks and any given time to ensure the smooth operational requirements of your investment.


Marketing, sales and public relations management

Our experience in marketing, sales and public relations management will provide tasteful, attractive marketing, effective sales and customer driven public relations where required. The service we provide extends to reservations & travel services for our investors, their Clients and guests with a view to proving smooth and uncomplicated transitions and accommodation.

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