Conservation Management & Planning


Management decisions can be made through the utilization and implementation of Pambele Investments tailored Conservation policies, planned and implemented in conjunction with specialists, conserving our Wildlife areas for future generations!

We facilitate the development of Conservation Management Plans utilised to enhance the long-term sustainability and conservation of our Clients’ properties through continuity in management. Including, but not limited to:


  • Property assessments
  • Conservation strategy development
  • All facets of daily conservation systems
  • Special conservation project identification.


Our Conservation Management services are done in consultation with various Wildlife, Agricultural and Veterinary Departments, with regards to management principals, licensing and documentation, for specific conservation projects. These include, but are not limited to, the following services:


  • Positioning and development of hides, roads, boreholes and water points that are low impact, aesthetically pleasing, and manageable
  • Soil erosion rehabilitation, vegetation mapping and fire controls
  • Game counts, capture, translocation and re-introduction project management
  • Species composition, suitability assessments and anti-poaching controls.


The planning, implementation and management of the above is always done in conjunction with specialists in the relevant various fields.

Conservation Management


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