Consulting & Project Management


Through consulting information knowledge is gained. With Pambele Investments experience and utilization of this knowledge the seed of investing in Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyle Property Asset Market within Southern Africa, will grow sustainably and prosper!

Our project management services for the development of all Eco-Tourism / Lifestyle Projects include, but are not limited to Guest Houses & B&B’s, Lodges & Villas, Syndicated Properties, Boutique Hotels and Lifestyle Holiday Homes. We also provide project management services which focus on securing and managing assets such as vehicles, boats and aeroplanes, within Southern Africa.


Providing comprehensive project management services and consultation ensuring the successful development of your property, we oversee the entire project on your behalf, including:


  • Seeing that Budgets and Target dates are met
  • Drafting of the development budget for the property acquisitions
  • Infrastructure development
  • Public relations with local authorities, communities, land owners, neighbours and other relevant organizations, with regards to the successful development of your property.


Conservation, Education and Development, are the three legs of sustainable Eco-Tourism / Lifestyle Projects paramount to ensuring success in this particular sphere of investment. We assist our clients with the assessment, development, implementation, co-ordination and management of these projects, so as to ensure a balanced and sustainable outcome.


We are happy to consult with your architect on the design of your development, to ensure that the practical day to day operations are taken into account and that requirements of all relevant authorities are complied with. Specialising in the practical layout and enhancing efficiency, keeping the running and maintenance costs of all facets to a minimum.


From tea spoons, to towels, to bedding we will assist you with all your Interior Design needs - we provide project management services, consultation and sourcing - full circle interior décor, in line with your requirements and the theme you wish to follow in your property.

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Consulting & Management